Where’s the Gold

Rules For Playing Where’s The Gold

When it comes to slots games, there is no denying the fact that online casinos offer a wide variety. Aristocrat Technologies, the online slots gaming gaint, is well-known for offering slots games with one of the industry’s most varied themes.

Where’s the Gold, one of their most colourful games, is the perfect example of this. This fusion of colour, sights and sounds is one that is fairly easy to play and has been around for quite a few yers now. If you are interested in playing Where’s the Gold, have a look at some of the rules of the online slots game below.

Pick Your Bet Amount

Picking your bet amount before you even start playing is key. Not only does this mean you won’t overspend when playing Where’s the Gold, it also means that you’re going into the game knowing exactly what your potential outcomes are.

On the other hand, you can always opt for the autoplay function. This gives players the options of either setting a cut off on how much they wish to spend, as well as the choice of the number of spins they wish to have. Either way, picking your bet amount is key when playing this online slots game, as this will help you remain driven and focussed throughout your playing experience.

Pick Your Character

As mentioned before, Aristocrat Technolgies has something of a reputation for creating games with varied themes. Where’s the Gold is based on the character of a gold prospector – someone who digs up riches in the mines. For the purposes of the game, players are able to choose whether or not the prospector himself or one of his miners does the digging. The same is applicable to the bonus round, through which players can win free spins or secure extra Wild symbols.

Pick Your Luck

During the bonus rounds, the character you select when playing Where’s the Gold is meant to gather more gold and riches for you. Regardless of who you choose, it really is completely random luck of the draw when it comes to the amount of wealth you are able to gather up. However, there are players who absolutely swear by picking the same character over and over again, and they represent something of a lucky charm.

Whatever you decide to do, the outcome is sure to be different every time you play, as the prizes vary from game to game.

Where’s the Gold is one of Aristocrat Technologies’ oldest games. It is available as a free game, or as a game played for real money. Many beginners choose the former option as it allows them to practice before putting any real money down on the table. Because the game exists online, it can also conveniently be played from any device with a ready, stable internet connection, including mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets. If you are looking for a new slots game to play and have not yet tried this one, it could make for an enjoyable experience.