Playtech’s Finest Games

Playtech Online Software Development Company

Playtech is a gambling software development company that was founded in 1999 by entrepreneurs in the casino, software engineering and multimedia industries. Playtech claims that it is the largest online gaming company and indeed it has over 5,000 employees working in 14 different countries around the world. Its headquarters are in the Isle of Man.

When the first European land-based casino introduced an online version of its casino in 2002, Playtech’s software was the software that powered this casino. Not only does Playtech provide software for online casinos but it also provides software for online poker rooms, live dealer games, online bingo games, online sports betting and mobile casinos and gaming. Leading online casinos house some of Playtech’s finest games.

Advanced Gaming Options

Playtech was not always as big and influential a company as it is today, however, over the 16 years, the company has grown not only in size but also in the amount of advanced gaming options it provides. Some of the top quality online casino games have come from Playtech. Whether you are looking for regular slots games or blockbuster slots games; big jackpot games or live dealer games, you do not need to look any further than Playtech’s finest games. Playtech is now one of the leaders in the online gaming field.

Playtech’s finest games can be played in any online casino that is powered by Playtech software. You will generally have to sign up in order to play games at an online casino so make sure to check that the casino has Playtech Software if you wish to play any of Playtech’s finest games before mistakenly signing up.

Playtech’s Best Slot Games

Playtech has a wide variety of games for you to choose from, however, their slot games are some of the most popular. The extensive range of slot machines means that there is a game for everyone. If you like themed games you can choose games that are based around popular sports personalities, popular comics or popular movies. Playtech is known for having blockbuster slot games, which means that often the company will produce games that are based on blockbuster movies. An example of this is the slot named Rocky.

As one can guess, this game is based on the famous Rocky films. Another example of a blockbuster slot machine from Playtech is Iron Man, themed around the extremely popular movies of Iron Man, one of the Avengers. Both these games are standard Playtech slot games but the themes, including high quality graphics and sound, the themed bonus games, as well as high jackpots, are what makes these games enticing to players and thus, two of Playtech’s finest games. There are plenty of other blockbuster slot machines to add to the list of Playtech’s finest games.

Other popular themed slots from Playtech include A Night Out and Lotto Madness. These two games are highly rated and included in many of Playtech’s finest games lists. Both of these games have a high payout percentage, of around 97%. Lotto Madness also has a unique bonus game which makes the game even more exciting. Only a few of Playtech’s games have been mentioned by name but because of the high quality of these games, as well as the high payout percentages of most of them, Playtech’s games are definitely a must-play.