Penguin Pays Slot Alternatives

Some Penguin Pays Slot Alternatives

When looking for Penguin Pays Slot Alternatives, there are a number of different things you might be looking for. The dominant feature of the game is the theme, which in this case is a snow covered landscape, along with a variety of creatures and symbols that exist in this icy part of the world.

If it is the theme that you really like, then there are a number of Penguin Pays Slot Alternatives that fit into this genre. Icy Wonders is one such alternative, and was developed by Net Entertainment. The typical playing card symbols are in place in this game, just as they are in Penguin Pays. The graphics around these symbols are quite pleasing, as it appears as though all the card symbols have been placed within ice cubes. There are 20 win lines on offer in Icy Wonders, and so players might need to adjust how they bet, in comparison to the 50 win lines available in Penguin Pays slots. In order to start the free spins bonus feature in Icy Wonders, players need to get three scatter symbols to land on the reels. However, once the free spins portion of the game has been triggered, it functions in much the similar way to Penguin Pays, and players will certainly see an immediate increase in their winnings.

Ski Bunny Penguin Pays Slot Alternative

Another of the popular Penguin Pays Slot Alternatives is the Ski Bunny slot game. This slot game has a more traditional type of feel, and the 5 reels that are on offer in Penguin pays have been cut down to 3 reels. This in itself gives the game an older sort of feel, based on the original style of credit card slot games.

Instead of the Penguin symbol, this game features a Ski Bunny, and then a whole range of different icons. For full details on all the icons in this game, players can refer to the paytable that comes along with the game. This paytable will indicate what the best wining combinations are, and which symbols or icons pay out the highest amounts. This is certainly a good choice when looking for some Penguin Pays Slot Alternatives to try out.

New Types of Online Slot Games

Another of the Penguin Pays Slot Alternatives that has become quite well known is the Reel Thunder slot game. While the theme of this game is no longer based on the ice or snow, there are many other similarities in this online or mobile slot game. The Reel Thunder Game from Microgaming offers a very good playing experience, with a total of 9 win lines.

The theme of this game is based around motorbikes and bikers. Players should carefully consider their betting strategy when playing this particular slot game. While it is listed here as one of the Penguin Pays Slot Alternatives, the change in the number of win lines might mean that players place bets in a slightly different manner. There are also no free spins in this particular game, but there are still scatter symbols which can themselves create new winning combinations.