online farkle

Dice Fan? Give Online Farkle a Go!

Who knew six dice could create so much suspense? That’s the simple concept of farkle: you play with six dice, and a single 1, a single 5 or any combo above a pair are worth a set number of points. After each throw, you can hold any winning combos and throw the remaining dice again, in the hopes of adding to the points you’re holding. But when you’re in a race to 10 000 points, and you throw three 2s, worth 200 points, do you bank them and pass the dice on, or throw the 2s along with the other dice again, in the hope of a higher-scoring combo? Or do you hold the 2s, and throw the other three dice to try score more points before you bank? Because if you farkle – that’s a throw with no winning dice in it – you lose all the points you haven’t banked yet, and have to pass the dice on anyway.

It’s a simple concept to grasp, but the art lies in knowing which combos pay best, and understanding the odds when throwing any number of dice from one to six. A single 3, for example, is useless; but a single 1 scores 100 points and a single 5 scores 50. Three 3s, on the other hand, are worth 300 points, and three 6s score 600. So if you’ve held a winning three-dice combo and thrown the other three dice to get, say, a 1, 6 and 5, do you bank the 150 points (plus the points for the held combo), or throw all three dice again in the hopes of a higher-scoring combo? Because if you throw a 2, 3 and 4, for instance, you’ve farkled and lost all the points from the first combo you held. It’s the millions of different possibilities that make online farkle so fascinating and somewhat addictive.

Play for Free, or for Real

 Once you’ve played a few rounds of online farkle and begun to understand the game, it becomes so much fun that you’ll want to play it often. The good news is that online farkle doesn’t have to cost you anything – there are plenty of free sites that allow you to play purely for the thrill of winning, pitting yourself against the computer or even other players. So even if online farkle becomes a regular daily treat, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

Of course, if you do enjoy wagering for real so that you can win real money, there are plenty of real-money casinos online that will allow you to play farkle for actual stakes. They even offer free bets on online farkle in their frequent free bonus packages, allowing you a certain amount of game play without touching your own bankroll, but still with a chance of winning real money.

Know your Stuff

For beginners, online farkle can appear fiendishly complicated, but it’s a matter of learning which combos win the best points, and knowing what your odds are, depending on the number of dice you’re throwing. It gets much easier with practice, which is why novice would do well to spend enough time on the free versions of the game to know what they are doing, before they start risking their own money. But with a little study and practice, online farkle can become an entertaining, exciting break from routine whenever you have the time to spare.