Online farkle

Playing a Game of Online Farkle

Learning the rules of online farkle is very easy to do for even the most inexperienced of newcomers, and there are many strategy tips available online for this popular dice game. It is available at the vast majority of online casinos the world over.

Online farkle is also known as farkel; zonk; hot dice; wimp out; ten thousand and buzzball, and is a well-liked dice game featuring six of these cubes shaken up in a cup and thrown by the players who then receive different amounts of points based on the outcomes. There are virtual dice that players are asked to click in the online version of the game, and animated sequences then show the dice being rolled out. The ultimate goal of the game is to be the first player to collect 10 000 points overall.

Explanation for Online Farkle Terms

Throwing is the method by which players collect points in online farkle, and is the action applied to the dice. Not all outcomes will deliver points, and in many cases players will be required to throw the dice more than once. After a player finishes his or her turn the virtual cup is rotated in a clockwise direction and the next players begins.

Turns are the word given to the period of time the players spends throwing the dice in online farkle, and players are allowed to choose to end this after any throw of the dice, collecting any points he or she may have scored and handing play over to whoever is next in line. There is a maximum of six throws set for each player, and players are able to remove multiple dice after each one.

Hot dice is the term given to all six dice scoring points on the first throw, allowing the player to not only collect all of these points but throwing all six again as well. Only the one and five are scoring dice in and of themselves, with the rest of the dice needing to land in combinations in order to deliver points.

Scoring for Online Farkle Games

Online farkle has each five scoring the player 50 points; each one 100; three twos 200; three threes 300; three fours 400; three fives 500; three sixes 600; and three ones 1000.

Players are able to receive several different combinations on each of their rolls, and will need to decide which ones to keep and which to discard. Should he or she have a dice outcome of one one; two twos; a three and a four, for example, they could choose to keep the twos and re-throw the rest of the dice; keep the one and throw the rest; keep the three twos and the one and then re-throw; or keep the three twos and the one and end their turn.

If a player continues to roll the dice they run the risk of throwing a farkle, which is when none of the dice score any points. The player will then lose all of the points they have thus far managed to collect and their turn ends. If three consecutive farkles are rolled by the player then a further 500 points will be subtracted from his or her total.