online casino Poker Pursuit

Try Online Casino Poker Pursuit and Win

The chance to win big when you win, and lose small when you lose? It sounds like a casino enthusiast’s impossible dream, but online casino Poker Pursuit actually makes this feasible. It’s a version of poker offered at most online casinos, in which the player is pitted against the deck only, trying to create hands with a winning poker combination according to the pay table. There are no other players and the dealer does not draw a hand, so all that matters is the winning combos in your own hand, and how much each is worth.

What makes online casino Poker Pursuit so attractive, however, is that players get a number of chances to increase the stakes on their hand before all five cards are dealt. Since the only way to win money consistently on poker is to win big and lose small, online casino Poker Pursuit is a game in which this betting strategy can be applied effectively.

How Online Casino Poker Pursuit Works
Online casino Poker Pursuit is a multi-stakes game, in which you can adjust the amount you bet initially, as well as the size of your raise bets, to suit your bankroll. It’s important to know what winning combinations will deliver the highest wins, and then bet accordingly depending on the combos that you think are possible.

The payout table displayed alongside the playing area in online casinos will let you know what each winning combo is worth, so it’s fairly simple to keep track of.  Here’s how play works: after the player has placed an ante stake, three player cards are dealt. The player then assesses these cards; if they hold a pair or a triple, or the beginnings of a straight or a flush, they can increase their wager by staking a raise bet, before the fourth card is dealt. After the fourth card, the player has another option to raise, after which the fifth card is dealt and the player is paid out on any winning combo. If the player is not impressed by the first three cards, however, or their hand after the fourth card is dealt, they can call rather than raise to receive the last two cards.

So they can receive all five cards without betting more than the ante stake, when they don’t feel a winning combo is likely. Conversely, if the hand does look strong, they can add the maximum allowed bet through two raises to ensure they win big. It’s uncomplicated to learn, and affords poker fans hours of game play.

Free or for Real is up to You

If you enjoy card games purely for the thrill of winning and challenging the odds, you can play plenty of online casino Poker Pursuit for credits only at free online casinos, without risking any money. If you do like to bet for the chance to win real money, on the other hand, you have just as many real-money options available. Some players will play at free sites until they are confident enough to take on online casino Poker Pursuit for real money, others are quite happy to continue playing just for fun. It’s entirely up to you, just as the option to raise or call every time you assess your hand is. But whether you play for fun or for real, online and mobile casinos give you access to online casino Poker Pursuit entertainment anytime you feel the urge to play.