Online casino hold ‘em

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Online casino hold ‘em is a house game that was designed for dealing by a croupier for players to enjoy in main casinos. In this game your wits will be pitted against the house, and you will not be engaging with any other players. Should the dealer qualify, it is a straight competition between your hand and the dealer’s one and you might even be able to win what is known as an antewin bonus once you place your ante bet. There is sometimes what is known as AA bonus side bets available too, and these are built on the poker value of the player’s two cards and the value of the first three ones dealt on the flop portion of the game.

The Rules of the Game

Online casino hold ‘em is not vastly different to other poker variations, and, if you know the basics you will be able to manage your game quite easily. Bear in mind that you will be able to play online casino hold ‘em for free for as long as you like at certain online casinos, by means of the free or demo versions of the game, and, although there is no money to be won when you enjoy the games like this, they are a great way for you to start learning and gain confidence before you invest any of your own hard earned cash in a game.

The player makes an ante wager, and two cards are dealt to the player and dealer each. Three community cards are then dealt face up on the table. Now the player will either fold, or call, forfeiting his or her ante bet and cards if the first option is taken. If you call, you will need to bet twice the amount of the ante bet to stay in the game. Two more community cards are then dealt, for a total of five, and the dealer then reveals the two cards he or she has been dealt.

The hands will be scored according to the highest poker value of the two cards in each hand and the five cards visible to both players.

The dealer will need to be holding a pair of fours or better in order to qualify, if he or she does not then the ante will pay out according to the pay table attached to the online casino hold ‘em game and the call bet will push. Should the dealer qualify and go on to beat the player, the player will lose both the ante and the call, should the dealer qualify and the player wins, the ante will pay according to the pay table and the call bet will pay out to a value of one to one. If the dealer qualifies and the hands are tied then both the ante and call bets will push.

Finding a Poker Room Online

A simple online search will yield a host of places for you to enjoy online casino hold ‘em, and you will be in the middle of one of these exciting games quicker than you can say royal flush.