Mystery Bonus

Mystery Bonus Online Video Poker

Mystery Bonus Poker is a unique online video poker game that was developed by Realtime Gaming. The game has the essence of a Jacks or Better video poker game with a mix of excitement from an online slot game with enhanced sound effects and graphics. There is a single hand version as well as a multi-hand version with three, ten, fifty two or one hundred hands that are played at the same time.

The Mystery Bonus Round Feature

The Mystery Bonus video poker game has a bonus round that offers a chance to match the dealt hand to a mystery hand. This feature is activated at the beginning of each game before the deal. A choice is given whether to take part in the feature or not but if so winning hands will receive the standard pay out as well as a bonus pay out. This feature is only available for single and three hand games.

How to Play the Video Poker Game

The game begins with bets being placed. One to five coins are bet on each hand with the coins value ranging in denominations of 0.01; 0.05; 0.25; 0.50 and 1.00. At this point the Mystery Bonus reel is visible and spins while the first five cards are dealt. A decision must then be made to play with the mystery hand or not.

The reel will increase the poker value of one of the five cards if it is chosen. Any of the five cards can be chosen to hold while the remaining cards are discarded when the draw button is clicked on and new cards replace them. This is then the final draw and the five cards on show are then evaluated for any winning poker hands. If the Mystery Bonus was chosen to be in play and the hand dealt matches the hand spun then a pay out amount according to the pay table including a bonus amount is paid out.

The Poker Hands and Pay Outs

Mystery Bonus Poker is a lot like Jacks or Better and has the same poker rankings. Playing the maximum bet of five coins will make winning the highest amount of 4 000 coins possible when the royal flush is dealt. Having a bet of one, two, three or four coins wins amounts of up to 250 coins; 500 coins; 750 coins or 1 000 coins for the royal flush. A straight flush wins up to 80; 160; 240; 320 or 400 coins for one, two, three, four or five coins respectively. A four of a kind wins 20; 40; 60; 80 or 100 coins while the full house wins 8; 16; 24; 32 or 40 coins.

The flush, straight and three of a kind hands win amounts from 3 coins up to 25 coins for one to five coin bets. Two pairs win 2 coins; 4 coins; 6 coins; 8 coins or 10 coins for one to five coin bets while the pair of jack or better win one to five coins for one to five coin bets.