list of casino table games

A Comprehensive List of Casino Table Games

Anyone who tells you they have a comprehensive list of casino table games is lying, and here’s why: Games come, games go; some see a brief phase in popularity and then fade into obscurity; a tiny rule change on an old standard like poker sees a whole new game being born… In short, with thousands of casino games already available online and new variations being launched every week, the list of casino table games changes constantly. As a second-best option, however, it is be helpful to have a short list of casino table games categories, from which casino games enthusiasts can pick the fields that interest them and explore the variations on offer. The list is as follows:


Poker deserves first place on any list of casino table games because it has spawned so many variations; like Caribbean stud poker, three-card poker, pai gow poker, Texas Hold’em and pyramid poker, to name but a few. These are played with anything from three to seven cards in a hand, and even the many five-card-hand versions come in myriad variations. The one constant they all share is the winning ranking system; from highest to lowest: straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, pair and high card.


Another hugely popular card game, blackjack also comes in variations like pontoon, Spanish 21, Super Fun 21 and blackjack switch. Despite variances in rules, the object is always to score a card-count as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding it.

Casino War

A casino version of the traditional card game War, which pits dealer and player in a straight high-card contest with only one card each.


Perhaps the most archetypal gambling game on any list of casino table games, roulette comes in variations like European and American roulette, and other table games with close similarities, like boule and fan-tan. Even the big six wheel, a game featuring a vertical spinning wheel which lets players bet on their lucky numbers coming up, is really a variation of roulette.


A fast-paced card game in which a “banker” plays against “punters”. The rules look complex at first glance, but are actually quite easy to learn.


An Australian game played with two coins, flipped simultaneously. Players can bet on whether the outcome will be two heads, two tails, or “odds”, with one of each.


The classic game of two dice, with players betting on numbers that will come up, while hoping to avoid certain combinations. The Chinese game of sic bo, which has many similarities, uses three dice.


Another card game that belongs on the “classically elegant” list of casino table games, baccarat is a player-against-the-bank contest, although punters can bet on either the bank or the player winning.

When cards, dice and spinning wheels are considered, a full list of casino table games will include several hundred different entries. The basic categories mentioned above will hopefully provide some useful guidelines for avid casino games fans intent on further exploration.