Hairway to Heaven

Hairway To Heaven Online Slots

Slots games have been around for as long as casinos have. With their bright, flashing lights and the sounds of storms of winning coins accompanying them, it certainly comes as no surprise that when the online versions of casinos started to emerge, slots games were amongst the first to be recreated.

Over time, almost every new online slots game was created around one theme or another, with some serving as odes to popular culture references, while others were simple creative stories brought to life. Hairway to Heaven is the latter and an excellent companion to mobile keno games. The theme speaks to a princess with long hair locked in a tower. This one sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Except that this time, the princess cannot rely on Prince Charming to rescue her – she relies solely on the player.

How Can You Help The Princess?

Well, in this case, the easiest way to help rescue the princess from her tower is to help her find her prince. Once you spot three prince symbols from left to write on the reels, you can activate any one of Hairway to Heaven’s three bonus features. Essentially, the way that the prince symbol functions is exactly the same way as the scatter feature would on any other online slots game, except that this time, it’s wearing a crown.

Hairway to Heaven Game Features

As mentioned above, once the scatter functionality is activated, Hairway to Heaven can offer players any one of three different features.

The first one is aptly called ‘Damsels in Distress.’ This feature awards players with eight free games, and any winnings will be based on the original bet placed by the player.

The second feature is called ‘Princess Pays’, and awards the player 10 free games. If any of the winning combinations features the princess symbol, the winning bet on that game would then automatically be tripled. Likewise, if the princess symbol lands on the third wheel, the player will then be awarded an additional free game.

The third feature is one that not many online slots games offer. Players will be awarded with any number of free games from five to twenty. If you win whilst this feature is activated, your winnings will be multipled depending on the game number. For example, if you are on your fifth game and win, your earnings will be multiplied by five.

Game Tip

Hairway to Heaven has a feature guarantee, which means that even if you don’t activate the features and the reels aren’t working in your favour, the game’s software will automatically put a player onto a bonus game. The game also boasts an ‘Instant Trigger’ button, which affords players the chance to try their luck and try to activate the features themselves.

Hairway to Heaven, a somewhat modernised version of Rapunzel, the tale as old as time, offers a number of features that have not previously been seen in the world of online slots games. These features are available to all players, regardless of the device they are trying to play from.