Betting on Cricket

Cricket is a popular sport the world over, as is betting on it. It adds an additional level of enjoyment to the cricket fans already watching the game. Turning from mere fan to engaged bettor makes the game intrinsically more interesting, as rooting for a team or certain outcome will turn into something that has financial repercussions. However, it is not only fans that bet on cricket games. Many sports bettors are bettors first and foremost and then go on to choose the sport they wish to bet on.

Types of Cricket Bets

As in all markets, there are many different types of bets that sports bettors can choose from. In general, sports bettors will find a bookmaker, place a certain bet for or against the odds placed by the bookmaker, and then hope to win. More experienced sports bettors venture out into many different types of bets, but novice bettors are encouraged to stick to the more straightforward bets while they learn the ins and outs of betting and find their feet.

One of the most common bets in cricket is the 1×2 market. These are very simple and manageable bets that enable sports bettors to simply bet on the team they think will win the game.

Cricket futures betting and cricket proposition betting are also popular types of bets that sports bettors may choose to go for. In cricket futures betting, sports bettors will place a bet on a team before the coin toss. Odds for this are generally available for individual games and whole tournaments. In cricket proposition betting, sports bettors can bet on team propositions, player propositions, or individual game propositions in major cricket tournaments, such as the ICC World Cup.

What to Bet On

Cricket is played all around the world all year long, so there are always dozens of betting opportunities open for sports bettors. Sports bettors can bet on local and international series. The most popular cricket betting events include the ICC Cricket World Cup, which includes both the One-Day and the Twenty20 World Cups, the five-day contest of the ICC Test Matches, the ICC One-Day Internationals, the IPL cricket betting, as well as domestic leagues and championships depending on the sports bettor’s home country.

Tips for Betting on Cricket

Cricket is a game greatly influenced by statistics, at least on the betting side. While in all cases it is beneficial for sports bettors to have intrinsic knowledge of the sports they are betting on, it is often do-able to bet on cricket just with good knowledge of the statistics of the game. Through studying statistics, sports bettors can get good knowledge of the strengths and weakness of various teams and come to often successful predictions of how the respective team will fare in the next match. Statistics for each format of the game, that is, each different series, tournament, or individual game, will differ, and sports bettors will need to be familiar with the specifics of each as this will greatly influence the statistics and how teams are likely to perform. That said, while statistics may offer a good guideline, no amount of statistics can equal a good healthy knowledge of the game itself.