Classic Deuces Wild

Classic Deuces Wild Video Poker

Classic Deuces Wild is an online video poker game that has a simple and classic feel to it. The game is generally played with one hand but there are options to play with even ten, twenty five and fifty hands too. A single deck of fifty two cards is used in the game and after each game the cards are shuffled before the next deal. The standard poker values and hands are used in this game but the one exception is the main rule for Classic Deuces Wild where, as the name states, the deuces are wild. This means if a two card is dealt it can be used as a substitute for any other card value to create a winning hand.

Classic Deuces Wild Poker Hands

The poker hands that are used in Classic Deuces Wild video poker include the highest value win for a natural royal flush without the use of a deuce, four deuces, royal straight flush with a deuce, five of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight and three of a kind is the lowest possible winning hand. The highest jackpot of 4,000 coins is awarded for a natural royal flush hand on the maximum betting level.

Classic Deuces Wild Betting Options

There are varying coin denominations that can be used to bet in Classic Deuces Wild. These can range from about 0.10 to 1.00 and can be adjusted by clicking on the coin value at the bottom of the screen. The bet button will place the bet at the desired betting levels which can be up to five times. A max bet feature is available to bet the highest value of coin at the highest betting level. The pay table is visible on the screen and displays what the pay outs per betting level will be for each poker value hand.

Classic Deuces Wild Double Feature

The Classic Deuces Wild video poker double button allows the double up game to be switched on or off. If the game is switched on it will activate after a win. Here the total amount of winnings or half the amount can be doubled. Five cards will be displayed with only one face up. A second card needs to be selected and if the value of the card is higher than the one that is face up then the winning amount will be doubled.

After a win the double up game can continue until either a loss occurs or the collect button can be used to collect the winnings and exit the game. A card with a lower value will result in a loss and the main game will automatically resume. The initial winning amounts are kept if the selected card results in a tie.

How to Play Classic Deuces Wild

Once all the bets are placed at the desired amounts the deal button can be pressed to begin the game. Five cards are then dealt. The hold button which is displayed below each card can be clicked on to select the cards that will be kept. The remaining cards will be discarded and using the deal button, the next round of cards will be dealt. These final five cards will be the ones evaluated for any wins.