Break Da Bank

About Break Da Bank Online Slot

Break Da Bank online slot is a classic Vegas style slot machine game powered by Microgaming. There are no thrills and frills, what you see is what you get. This 3 reel and 5 payline online slots game is a popular option amongst players regardless of its simplicity, probably because of jackpot. The jackpot is set at a maximum of 2 400 coins which equates to roughly around 60 000 USD, EUR or GBP.

The Look and Feel of Break Da Bank

This simple online slots game has standard visuals and sound effects. The idea that the theme is based around is, you guess it, breaking into a bank. The background supports this theme by showcasing large metal volts with their doors swung open revealing the millions of gold coins it’s been holding and no free for the taking.

The reels are displayed on a standard white background, which is perfectly fine considering it’s only holding a total of 3 different symbols. The symbols are the infamous gold dollar sign, the 3-bar, 2-bar and the 1-bar symbol.

Alongside the reels are the payout tables elaborately coloured at least providing some colour to the board, the logo itself taking precedence in its big, bold, green and purple design.

The Wild Symbol and Multiplier

As most online slots around these days hold a scatter symbol of sorts, this game doesn’t. It does however have a wild symbol and a multiplier feature. The wild symbol is showcased as the Break Da Bank logo, if it lands on any of your reels it will substitute for any one of the symbols there to create a winning sequence that you can claim from.

The multiplier in this game is actually the same symbol, it’s referred to as the wild multiplier symbol, 2 in 1 if you like. The multiplier feature on the wild symbol doubles the winnings of any winning combination that it helped to create. If you get more than one wild multiplier symbol displayed on your reels then the winnings will be quadrupled.

How to Play Break Da Bank

The Break Da Bank online slot game can be played for free or for real money. The betting range starts from 1.00 – 5.00 coins. As you start off the game you will need to choose your betting range. Once that’s done you will click on the ‘spin’ button and the reels will spin to hopefully land on a winning combination. The payout you’ll receive is dependent on the amount of coins you initially bet with. The higher the bet the more you’ll win.

If you end up with 3 dollar signs on a payline you will be rewarded with 160 coins, 3 3-bar symbols will get you 80 coins 3 2-bar symbols will get you 40 coins, and 3 1-bar symbols will get you 10 coins in total. Any of the bar symbols together will get you a total of 5 coins.

If the Break Da Bank Logo wild symbol appears on payline 5 you’ll be rewarded with 2400 coins, payline 4 is 1 600 coins, payline 3 is 1 400, payline 2 is 1 200, and finally payline 1 will reward you with 1 000.