Bingo Lingo / Bingo Chat Terms

Chat with Bingo Players Online

Chat rooms were created for the online Bingo halls market, giving players the opportunity to converse with one another as the game progresses. Bingo chat terms are mostly the same as general chat room terms, for example “AFK” means “Away From Keyboard”. There are many other specific terms that had developed specifically for Bingo chat rooms and Bingo halls, we will call this Bingo Lingo.

Short hand or abbreviations is used in the majority during chats, this helps slower typists to appear faster during an online conversation. However, if you’re still on the slow side, you will unfortunately get lost in the conversations.  It is helpful for a player new to the Bingo chat rooms to familiarise themselves with the general abbreviations as well as the specific Bingo Lingo.

Bingo Lingo

The Caller – The person who draws the Bingo numbers from the holder.

Chat Games – these are mini games that chat moderators launch in the chat window during a Bingo game (not all online Bingo casinos offer this).

Chat Moderators – Also known as CM’s, these are people who regulate the chat rooms, ensuring that all players remain friendly and is having a good time.

Ticket – Your Bingo card.

Line – This is called when a full horizontal row is marked on the ticket.

Marking – Also known as dabbing, is the action of crossing off the called numbers from your ticket.

General Bingo Chat Terms

Here are a few terms which are a bit more specific to online Bingo halls and more commonly used chat terms. These terms may come and go in the same way that seasons will change. Bingo chat terms will also vary from Bingo hall to Bingo hall.

CM –                     Chat moderator

BBL –                     Be back later

AFK –                    Away from keyboard

1TG, 2 TG –          The amount of balls needed before Bingo

TY –                         Thank you

UL –                        Unlucky

BLNT –                   Better luck next time

BLNG –                  Better luck next game

WD –                      Well done

WTG –                   Way to go

YW –                       You’re welcome

GF –                       Good fight

GG –                       Good game

GJ –                       Good job

SAC –                     Sorry ass cards (displaying to other players that you feel you’ve been dealt a bad hand)

CA –                        Cover all

Some General Bingo Chat Etiquette

It is inappropriate to be rude towards another player in the chat room. Be friendly and courteous, greet other players especially if they greet you. The use of foul words is usually frowned upon, as it will offend some players.

No shouting, as this also comes across as being rude or arrogant. Shouting is when a player types everything in capital letters like “WHAT IS YOUR NAME?” It is acceptable to type some words in capital letters if you want to emphasize a certain word in your sentence, for example.

Since you’re in a chat room, where Bing Lingo is flying everywhere, it is not acceptable to correct everyone’s grammar. Besides that, players will come from all over the world and English may not be their 1st language. Trying to correct a player’s grammar will just make that person feel unwelcome and uneasy in the chat room.